NEW! Letters to the Editor

Welcome to this new feature of the Moku Loa Group Newsletter. As we transition away from paper copies, we have opened up a new two way avenue of communication for our members and leaders.

This new Letters to the Editor section will host letters and replies to review and discuss the many conservation issues facing our club. Facts are welcome. Civility is the rule and differences of opinion will be allowed. This is an avenue to get involved, create and change club policy. Become a knowledgeable member of the Conservation Committee and Executive Committee and contribute to Hawaii’s environmental future.

We are looking forward to an energetic, volunteer Newsletter Coordinator to oversee this endeavor. Until then, send all submissions (Include Title and Date) to

Mahalo and Aloha.

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8/22/10: The TMT Is Not In Hawai`i’s Best Interest! by Deborah Ward
The TMT is a huge dome proposed for five acres of fragile wilderness in view of Haleakala.  The EIS found that the TMT will impact cultural and environmental resources, adding to the cumulative damage already caused by telescope development.

8/24/10: Concerning the New Mauna Kea Use Policy Statement, by Al Beeman
I am troubled by the anti-TMT attitude the Club may be displaying.  I would like to have the topic discussed and reviewed.

8/30/10: Stones, Bones And Telescope Mirrors, by Nelson Ho
This is a photo essay (with attached documents) on the land mismanagement controversy brought on by the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources and the universities who constructed astronomical facilities on Mauna Kea.  It has been written by Nelson Ho, who as a Sierra Club leader, started actively working with the UH Institute for Astronomy to clean up the wind-blown trash on the summit in 1995.  Today, he finds himself defending the summit from further industrialization by reluctantly saying, “Not Here, Not Now,” to a spectacular scientific instrument, The Thirty Meter Telescope.