By Nelson Ho

Bios of Candidates elected to the 2015 Executive Committee

Jim Buck
I am a long time Sierra Club member. During the 90s, I telephoned members in my district urging them to email their reps regarding bills in session that were good or bad for theenvironment. I’m a retired small business oriented CPA that is used to doing minor legal research, testifying in court and applying common sense to decision making. I’m currently an outings leader and just want to helpout wherever I’m needed and feel comfortable. I’d like to help the group start up our own website and get more involved in preserving and restoring Hawaii.

Joy Cash (AKA Sada Anand Kaur)
Began her social activism in college in 1967, in South Texas, with Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers & Anti-Viet Nam War protests. Is advocate of human consciousness, having practiced & taught yoga & meditation for over 40 yrs. Owned/managed a holistic health clinic for 10 yrs. Joined Women Occupy SD & Occupellas San Diego in in Fall of 2010. Was chairperson for major national Anti-GMO/MONSANTO action in San Diego. Is a founding member of Occupellas Hawaii Island, member of GMO Free Hawaii & active participant at Hawaii County council & committees. (including Energy & Environmental Management committees)

Nelson Ho
Nelson Ho has been a Big Island environmentalist activist since 1982. He has been in the forefront of issues like geothermal energy development in the Hawaiian Rainforest and the proper protection of the vulnerable natural and cultural resources on the top of Mauna Kea. Luckily he keeps sane by going on multi-night camping outings.

Steve Holmes
Steve Holmes is the former Energy and Sustainability Coordinator for the City and County of Honolulu. He won the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Champion Award in 2002. He was a state energy analyst in Hilo, a Park Ranger at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and Hawaii Chapter Conservation Chair of the Sierra Club.

Debbie Ward
Debbie Ward is an active member of the conservation committee, and has served on the MLG excomm several times during her 32 years of membership, as chair, program chair and treasurer. Retired from UH, she farming organic fruit in upper Puna. She hopes to recruit and encourage new active members.

Jon Olson     

Jon is an expert on his neighbor, PGV Geothermal.  He has great ideas for converting our island’s energy management to Co-op ownership with solar grid ahupua’as.