Community Based Renewable Energy for East Hawaii

Sierra Club members recently participated in an informal discussion with commissioners of thePublic Utilities Commission regarding new solar facility development in East Hawaii. ExCommember Shannon Matson provided the club’s response. We strongly support a reduction in the use of fossil fuels to reduce our impact on climatechaos. Biomass burning also generates greenhouse gases, and the … Read more Community Based Renewable Energy for East Hawaii

NREL Maui Grid Studies by Steve Holmes

The leading experts on energy grid technology work for the National Renewable Energy Laband they have been brought in to assist Hawaii in reaching its goal of 100% renewables. Theirwork and conclusions will become the blueprint for other islands in Hawaii. In dockets before the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission (PUC) regarding Hu Honua Biomassand Puna … Read more NREL Maui Grid Studies by Steve Holmes

CHOPPY SKIES by Cory Harden

Noise and vibration from tour helicopters have bedeviled Hawai’i residents for decades. But repeatedand widespread concerns voiced by beleaguered communities have largely been ignored. The noiseterrifies children and animals, sets off PTSD in war veterans, intrudes on sleep, interrupts conversations,and causes inescapable stress. On Hawai’i Island, during the eruption, tour helicopters never letup—they kept flying, … Read more CHOPPY SKIES by Cory Harden

Mauna Kea Update for September 2021

As astronomers wait with bated breath for the outcome of the decadal survey called Astro2020, the roleof TMT in the future of world astronomy hangs in the balance. The survey is a year overdue, and itprovides an analysis of the needs of the next decade in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics,projecting priorities for the … Read more Mauna Kea Update for September 2021

Wastewater Update

by Steve Holmes Amy Miller, Director of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 9 has been in discussions with Hawaiʻi County Department of Environmental Management Director Ramzi Mansour and Mayor Mitch Roth. Mansour and Roth acknowledged island-wide deficiencies and non-compliance with legal requirements. The other bit of good news is … Read more Wastewater Update

Pohakuloa: Little Aloha for Culture

by Cory Harden A recent report by the Pohakuloa cultural resources office shows that protecting cultural resources is an extremely low priority for the Army. Surveys to locate burials and archaeological features, and production of a video to educate Army personnel, proceed slowly. A listening session failed due to technical difficulties. The cultural resources manager … Read more Pohakuloa: Little Aloha for Culture

Hawaiʻi Supreme Court Round 2 on Hu Honua Biomass

By Steve Holmes While the spin machine for Hu Honua Biomass would have you believe that a recent Hawaiʻi Supreme Court decision was a great victory for them, that really isn’t the full story. Justice Michael Wilson, in a concurring opinion for the majority makes it clear, that the Public Utilities Commission may still decline … Read more Hawaiʻi Supreme Court Round 2 on Hu Honua Biomass